Do you offer free quotations?

Yes, we do.

Do you supply kitchens complete with appliances?

Of course! As we are not tied to a specific brand we can supply a wide range and makes of appliances to suit your needs.

Do you offer a fitting only service too?

Yes we do. We can install your kitchen/bathroom or shower room as a fitting only service if required.

Do you do small jobs?

Of course. Many of our existing customers started off with “small jobs”, then once they saw our quality of work and friendly service stayed with us.

Do you do insurance work?

Yes. have carried out extensive work for insurance related claims. We supply all quotes and invoices on headed paper that can be used to send to the relevant insurance company. We also offer to deal directly with insurance company from the initial phone call to the comletion of the work with the customers authority, as some people find it difficult and intimidating dealing with such matters.