Our Approach

We at Wayne Rogers Property Maintenance understand that having tradesmen come to your home to complete your desired work can be stressful. We aim to provide a professional and friendly service and always try to make the customer feel at ease.

Many of our customers stay with us and continue to value our services.


Meet the Team


Wayne Rogers

  Company Director.

As a result of being made redundant back in 2005 i was faced with the frightening prospect of having a young family and no job with bills to pay.

It would have been so easy to give up and blame the “system” feeling sorry for myself. But instead i decided to take this opportunity to redesign my life and career. Although i was previously a Mechanical Engineer i had always enjoyed construction and had worked with my dad who was a builder for over 40 years. I retrained and also brushed up on existing skills. I then set up my company.

Converting a customers ideas and turning them into reality is a rewarding task.







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